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Everything we as human beings have created on this planet but they virtually first created in our minds. All that you realise which is human work on this planet firstly perceived speech in the mind then it went shown in the outside so one thing we need to understand is the wonderful things that we have done on this planet and the shameful things that we have done on this planet both have come from the human mind so if we are concerned as to what we create in this world it’s extremely important that first of all, we learn to create the right things in our thinker how we deter our brains if we do not have the power to keep our brains the lane we wanted what we create in the world is also going to be very accidental and haphazard so learning to create our intellects the space we want is the basis of creating the world the action we want there is a wonderful storyin the yogic mythology on a certain day a mortal made a go “hes been gone” for a long walkaccidentally unawares he walked into paradise lucky isn’t he exactly took a step and he territory up in paradise after this long walk, he felt a little tiredso he speculated oh I am tired I bid I could rest somewhere he appeared around there.There was a nice tree underneath which there was very cushiony grass so it was inviting he went and employed his head down there and slumber after a few hours he woke up well-rested and he considered oh I am well remained but I’m feeling hungry I please I had something to eat and he thought about all the nice things that he ever wanted to eat in his knowledge and instantly all those things appeared in front of him you need to understand there the services like that hungry people don’t ask questions meat has now come he chew stomach became menu then he contemplated oh my belly is full I choose I “ve got something” to suck all the nice things that he ever wanted to drink he thought about it and all of them really materialized drinking people likewise don’t ask questions so he sucked[ Music] now with a little bit of alcohol in him you know Charles Darwin told you all of your apes your tush came apart not me Charles Darwin told you that you were all apes and your tush descended apart and then you became human yes unquestionably the tailfell away but the monkey in yoga, we ever can be attributed to an unestablished thought you as marketer which makes a ape why we are referring to the mind is a monkey yes what are the qualities of a monkey one thing about a ape is it’s a necessary moment and another thing about the apes if I say you’re monkeying soul what does it imply imitation ape an impersonation became very synonymous so these two essential qualities of a ape is very much the qualities of an unestablished subconsciou excessive instant you don’t have to learn it from the monkey you can teach it to the monkey and parody his full-time job of the mindso when these two qualities are on a thought relate to as a ape so this monkey became active within him he merely looked around but what the hell is happening here I asked for food food came I asked for imbibe drinking there must be gross around here and haunts came oh the souls have come they’re going to surround me and torture me he conceived immediately the specter smothered him and started torturing him then he started screaming in pain and said oh they’re goingto kill me and he died just now he said you know he’s a affluent being the problem is he was sitting under a “Kalpavriksha” or a “WishingTree” he asked for food, food came he asked fordrink, drink came he asked for haunts, ghosts came he asked for torture torture came he asked for death, demise happened now don’t go looking for these kalpavruksha in the forest you are eligible to scarcely find a tree these days a well-established mind a imagination which is in a state of some “Mukti”, he is referred to as a “kalpavriksha”( wishing tree )… If you organize your imagination to a certain level of organizationit, in turn, unionizes the whole system your organization your ardour your energies everything is organized in the direction once all these four magnitudes of you your physical body your imagination your feeling and the fundamental life energies are organized in one direction once you are like this anything that you wish happens without even face-lift a little finger actually it would help to assist it with undertaking but even without doing any activity you can still manifest what you want if you organize these four dimensions in one direction and keep it unwavering in that direction for a certain period of time right now the problem with your subconsciou is every momentit is changing its direction it is like you want to travel somewhere and every two steps if you remain changing your tendency the issue of you reaching the destination is very remote unless it happens by chance so organizing our brains and in turn organizing the whole system and these four basic aspects of who you are right now in one direction if you do this you are a couple of show yourself anything that you wish will happen but right now if you look at your lives everything that you are pleased for till now if it happens you’ve finished everything and everybody that you have hoped for if all of that shores up in your house today could you live with that so if you want to become entitled it is also important that you become responsible as to what you ask for and what you don’t right now the world situation is just this we are hugely empowered with technology today it doesn’t take six six billion people to destroy this planet one guy by pressing the wrong button can destroy the whole planet when we are sanctioned like this it’s very important that our physical act feelings act mental activity and exertion actions are controlled and appropriately sent if it is not so we become damaging self-destructive right now that is our problem the technology which is supposed to move our lifebeautiful and easy has become the source of all the problem that we are destroying the very basis of our life which is the planet so what should have been a boon we are compiling appears out of it what has brought incredible status have comfort disruption to us in the last hundred years or so has also become athreat to our lives simply since we do not intentional war we are in a uncontrollable commonwealth of war so coordinating our memories basically planned moving from acompulsive country of work to a conscious commonwealth of pleasure you might have heard of beings for whom they asked for something and beyond all promises it came true more true for them generally this happens to people who are in faith now let’s say you want to build a house if you start thinking oh I want to build a house…To build a houseI need 50 lakhs but I have only 50 rupees in my pocket not possible not possible not possible the moment you say not possible you are also saying I don’t want it so on one height you are creating a desire that you want something on another level you are saying I don’t want it so in this conflict it may not happen someone who has some faith in a God or in a tabernacle or whatever who is her simple-minded faith works only for those people who are simple-mindedthinking beings, people who are too much thinking for themit never works a childlike person who has a simplefaith in his God at his tabernacle of whatever he goes to the temple and says Shiva, I want a room I don’t know how you must make it for me now in his head there are no negative conceptions will it happen will it not happen is it possible is it not possible these things are completely removed by the simple act of sect now he trusts she will do it for himand it will happen so if she was going to come and constructed your house no, I want you to understand God will notlift his little finger for you what you refer to as God, he’s the source of creation as a developer he has done a phenomenal job there’s no question about it could you think of a better initiation than this is it in anybody’s imagination to think anything better than what is there right now so as a designer, he has done his hassle wonderfully well but if you crave animation to happen the direction you crave it because right now the most crux of your happiness and your well-being is this if at all if you’re unhappy the only and exclusively reason why you’re haples is life is not happening the behavior you think it’s that’s all it is so if life is not happening the action you think it should happen you’re unhappy if lifetime happens the practice you think it should happen you are happy it’s as simple as that so if life has to happen the practice you think it should happen first of all how do you think with how much focus you think how much stability is there in your thoughts and how much fear is there in the thoughtprocess will determine whether your study will become a realityor is it precisely an empty-bellied meditate or how you donot create any impedimentums for your believe by creating a negative thought processis something possible is not an option is destroying humanity what is possible and not possible is not your business, it’s nature’s business! Your business is just to strive for what youwant right now you’re sitting here if I ask you two simple questionsI want you to only look at this enhancers right now from where you’re sitting are you able exactly fly off you say no right now from where you’re sitting can you get up and foot you’ll say yes what is the basis of this why you say no to flying and yes to walking because enormous experience of life-time many times you’ve gotten up on stepped never did you fly off or in other words you’re using the pastexperience of being as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not possible or in other words you have decided that what has not happened till now cannot happen in your life in future this is a disgrace to humanity and the human spirit what has not happened till now on this planet can happen tomorrow human beings are capable of becoming it happen tomorrow so what is possible and what is not possible is not your business that is nature’s business Nature will decide that you just see what is it that “youre going to” and strive for that and if your recollect is created in a potent behavior without any negativity without any negative studies bringing down the intensityof the thought process it is certainly evident the whole existence.Today modern science is proving is just a reverberation of energy it is a vibration. Similarly, your envisage is also vibrationif you used to produce powerful thought and let it out it will always attest itself so generally, parties are using faith as a means to remove the negativethought today once you have become recalling human being your religion is not more deep it doesn’t matter how much faith you think you have somewhere disbelieves always crop up right now the acces your heads are made this moment if God looms right here you will not surrender to him you are able to crave an investigation whether he’s really God or not with this kind of mind you should not waste your time on faith so there is an alternative which is commitment if you simply commit yourself to creating what you really care for now once again your conclude gets organized in such a way there is no such thing as to whether it’s possible or not possible there is no hurdle in your thoughtprocess your thinking flows freely towards what you miss formerly this happensmaking it happen will also naturally follow so to create what you really care for a firstand foremost thing is that what you want must be well manifested in your observe and this is something that I miss is that what you really want youmust look at it because of any number of things in your life you have mulled this is it the moment you contact there yourealize that’s not it.It’s the next one and the next one and thenext one so what is it that one certainly misses is something, first of all, we must explore once that is clear and we are committed to creating it now there is a continuous process of gues in future directions once you can maintain a steady torrent of gues without modifying direction definitelythis is going to happen in your life or it is certainly manifest as a reality so either you make this human form into your kalpavruksha or you make it into one big-hearted mess which is happening all over one reason why we have not caused the kind of world that all of us would want to live in is too many people are busy seeming up too many beings “re interested in” other planets they are not interested in this planet but every aspect of their life they’re checking out with other planets and further too many beings are in service of heaven they are not on assistance of this earth I remember right now we need parties or in busines of this dirt not heaven I repute if Heaven is closer to divine them where we are if that is so I believe they’re little more organized in us they don’t need help from us this has been a major problem on the planet anything that is valuable for a human being anything that is good the highest aspects of human life have regrettably been exported to heaven for example if you say adoration people say God is affection we donot know whether God is cherishing or not human beings are capable of love it is very veryimportant that parties understand human beings are capable of Lao human beings are capable of compassionhuman beings are capable of rapture and blissfulness all the good things that are possible for a human being, unfortunately, have been exported to heaven if we want to create the kind of world thatwe want to we need to understand whatever you refer to as God the idea of God has enteredour mind only because we have seen the establishments around us because there is creation we have assumed a author God is a great pioneer what the hell are you refer to as God he is the source of creation that source of creation can not disappointed us has done a marvelous task but now the question is about management if you want to leave the management in the hands of the designer he will manage it in his own style according to his agenda but that’s not what you want you want animation to happen the acces you want it is now time, for example, let’s say all of you here are the India soccer team for the next World Cup and I am the coach-and-four so these next four years everything that you need to know about football is learn how to you everything that I know about football is ran into you in so many paths now the time to play the competitor has come you’re on the field and the ballcomes near your foot but you look at me and it’s no good you’ve seen those managers sitting there and steaming good-for-nothing happens because now once you’re onthe field it’s your job so this is the same thing the Creator has done a fanciful jobnow you’re here it is for you and me to see how to manage this how we want it how to keep this life how in what ailment would all of us enjoy it best is something that we have to look atso at all the stages in our life we tend to think this is it if this one thing happens everythingwill be fine with my life you reach there and you realize that’s not it and you postponeit to something else and something else this is going on the first and foremost thing isyou must be clear what is it that you really want if you do not know what you miss thequestion of creating it doesn’t arise if you look at what you really wantwhat every human being demands is he wants to live joyfully he wants to live peacefully in terms of its relationships he demands it to be cherishing and affectionate or in other words all that any human being is seeking for he’s pleasantnesswithin himself pleasantness around him even this pleasantness if it is happening to our figure we announce this help and pleasure if it happens in our memory we call this peace and charm if it happens in our emotionwe see this love and compassion if it happens in our vigour we announce this blissfulness and ecstasy this is all that a human being is looking for whether he is going to his office to work he wants to make money build a career build a family he sits in the bar sits in the church he is still looking for the same thing pleasantness within pleasantness around if this is what we wantto create I think it’s time we addressed it directly and commit ourselves to creating it so you want to create yourself as a serene human being pleasurable human being adoring human being a pleasant human being in all levels and do you also crave a nature like this a peaceful world a cordial nature a joyful world no , no I miss greenery I crave food when we say a joyful life that means everything that you want has happened so this is all that you’re looking for so all that you need to do is dedicate yourself to creating it to create a peacefuljoyful and loving macrocosm both for yourself and everybody around you every day in the morning if “youre starting” your day with this simple meditated in your thinker that today wherever I croak I will create a quiet caring and pleasurable worldif you fall down a hundred times in the day what does it matter for a committedman “were not receiving” such thing as default if you fall down 100 seasons 100 lessons to be learned if you perpetrate yourself like this to creating what you really care for now your recollection gets organized once your sentiment get organized the nature you think is the wayyou feel your feeling get organized once your thought and emotion is organized your powers will get organized in the same direction formerly your study excitement and powers are organized your exceedingly torso will get organized once all these four are organized in one direction you are ability to create and evidence what you want is miraculous you are the Creator in many ways why I am saying you are the creator ease I want you to look at the nature of your life right now if you gobbled a banana in four hours time this banana becomes a human being there is something within you “peoples lives” generating process a processwhich constructs this organization the manufacturer of these bodies within you give him a banana he makes a human being out of that banana transforming a banana and your human being is not a small thingit is a phenomenon it is just that this phenomenon is happening within you unconsciously if you could only consciously manifest this making a banana and your human being you are the creatoryou are nothing less than that as the theory of evolution goes to make a monkey into a human being it took millions of years over an afternoon you can make a banana into your human being or whatever else a piece of food that you eat into a human being so the most root of start is functioning within you if you organize these four magnitudes of thinker sensation mas and energyin one direction the source of creation is with you, you are the Creator what you want to create will happen to effortlessly formerly you’re unionized like this now you are not a mess you are a cult for story you have the power to create what you want there are tools and technologies as to how to organize the system in such a way that instead of being a mental mess you are eligible to originate yourself into your culpa bookshop this culture these institutions the whole technology of yoga is just about this transforming yourself from being just a piece of creation to the creatorhimself this is not in search of God this is in search of becoming a god this is not in search of divine this is in search of becoming discern because that which you call as divine that which is the source of world is throbbing within you every moment of your life otherwisea piece of dough cannot become a human being in the course of an afternoon so shifting from being exactly a piece of flesh and blood to become a creatorthere is a whole science and technology for this there are tools to make this happen that which is the source of start is functioning within you every moment of your life it is just that are you preserved be made available to that aspect or not organizing the four basic elements of your life will give you that excess there are tools and technological sciences to do this the whole science of yoga the whole technology that we are speaking about as yoga is just about this transforming yourself from being exactly a piece of creation to become a creator for example 100 years ago if I picked up something like this and I start speaking it speaking to someone who is across in another part of the worldyou would think it’s some kind of a supernatural either I must be a messenger or a son or maybe God himself but today this is just another gadget that every one of us carry and use today is sitting here without exploiting this tool if I speak to someone, person in another part of the world it is still a miracle for you so this instrument happened or because of human mind crave it to happen 100 year ago none meditated this was possible but today it is just a common thing similarly countless countless many things which are not in our impression yet can be brought into our feeling and our ability to create our lives can be greatly enhanced so first and foremost thing is to organize the head and to organize your spirits organization and vigor that route once this happens you are in touch with the fundamental life creating aprocess within you formerly you are in touch with it once you’re in excess of that poweryou have the power to create you have the power to create your life and your borders the channel you miss it because we have lost our power to create we are making a mess out of our egoes and the world around us if we control it as the true creator as it is operating within us originating this torso for us if we could create our lives with the same sense of organization and sense of purpose this world-wide and the human being would be in a completely different state it is my wish and my bounty that every humanbeing in this world-wide “shouldve been” this access to the source of creation within himself so that he can function here as a creator not just as a piece of formation

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