Well, let's get started Why VaynerMedia? What made you think I think, you remember this Everyone was surprised when my brother (AJ) started VaynerMedia Because everyone was making tech apps What I wanted to do was lay a foundation for my future It wasn't difficult for me The first 13 years of my life were not good I was calm and started a real business business (Relaxing piano music) Patience I was a kid at the age of 22 and I worked every moment "I was patient when everyone told me I wouldn't succeed." We build projects I was working in a liquor store from seven in the morning To ten in the evening for a full seven years And I'd only take days off the days I watched the NewYork Jets I have taken over the supervision of my family project That was winning two million dollars a year And within seven years She turned it into a 50 million dollar company And I became thirty years old, And I decided to do something else For 17 months I have been showing Wine Library TV five days a week I left the position of CEO for my company Hello everyone, welcome to a new episode of Wine Library TV I'm the presenter, Gary Viannerchuk I had a lot of motivation, I knew I have to do something different And I did it I hope all young people in the age of 13, 16, 19 and 24 They realize how much I feel I have the spirit of a young man now This will change everything you do You will become more patient Which means you will achieve more Of the successes you seek Most of you will lose because you look for short cuts With calm and constancy you win the bet You just challenge yourself 25 It only lasted for five years You will become a big man and you will find Patience, when I say patience I mean what I say When I was 25 years old I thought 40 was the end Now I don't even feel like I've started I seriously advise you to go home And think that you should set aside the next three or four years of your life Try to do the thing that you want to do for the rest of your life Just work hard and enjoy it Enjoy sleeplessness, pain and fatigue And it doesn't give any importance to what other people think Why did you do this and why did you not do it I work in four jobs Work on your own business, Wendy's, Walmart, do, train, learn You are now 19 years old And you can spend 7 years learning your profession Meet the people who guide you Have patience You wake up and you find yourself 26 years old And you still have your whole life ahead of you You have done a great job establishing yourself To go on and succeed The price I paid is my time When you don't have the money, you have to give your time That was my patience And this is the thing that I paid for It's the balance between regret and patience For example, you might work hard for three years And don't do anything right Then you wake up and feel young I am convinced that people do not understand That success takes patience for a long time To build a real project Background Music

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