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it was somebody that you would follow ariana grande Cristiano Ronaldo Bernie Sanders Oprah Voldemort I’m brother mark Mackey and I’m gonna talk to you about the second week of the Spiritual Exercises sedating Nation begins the initiate of petitions by asking us to consider one of our role models it could be a political anatomy a luminary a loved one or any other person who brings out the best in us for me oh it happens to be John Denver so what do we feel when we reflect on this person and our desire to follow them what intentions this person bring out on us well then we apply the same meditation to Jesus the excellent role model he came to earth to lead us and to show us the highway if we have great hopes to follow a merely human role model how much more should we passionately desire to follow Jesus it was not only man but also God we may want to follow Jesus but it might not be clear exactly how we might follow him that’s the heart of the second week to get to know Jesus when he was a human being so that we might follow in his track the blessing we strive at this time is captured in a duet often reproduced by Jesuits Lord grant that I may consider thee more clearly love thee more dearly and follow thee more virtually specific to get to know Jesus we contemplate the Gospels but your storeys about his life we read sections use our imaginations to think about what it would have been like to be there and consider how we ourselves might have responded to Jesus’s actions and oaths we verify Jesus fishing with his friends we learn Jesus working in his woodshed and we visualize Jesus praying alone in the wilderness after entering into these storeys we talk to Jesus about what we felt when we were imagining everything we have an intimate conversation rooted in what we just experienced in our musing on the Gospels say adamant entitles us free-flowing dialogue the colloquy at the end of the second week we’ve accumulated a treasure of Prayer experiences about Jesus’s life on earth and we is my finding that we examine him clearly that is we truly know him we desire him affectionately we have fallen in love with God and we follow him virtually we commit ourselves to pilgrimage with him wherever he may lead us try to concentrate on Jesus’s love for me let’s try to tune out any distractions the distractions will arise and wizards will show up and you just have to learn to ignore them and hear their voice drowned out by Jesus’s voice

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