THE secret to living an incredible well-lived life is in this video. for real.

THE secret to living an incredible well-lived life is in this video. for real.

Our time here, in these bodies, is relatively short. In today’s video, I want to discuss something different… the ONE thing we ALL have in common. Death.

We’re all going to die. Seems novel, doesn’t it?

It might be scary to hear, but it’s THE only constant in every single one of our lives.

Accepting our mortality and the impermanence of everything is really the beginning of living your fullest life. In this video, I discuss my journey with getting to know death more intimately, how to accept it, how to openly speak about it so that we can actually value our time alive.

When we start to really value our time on this earth, we hold fewer grudges, do more of what we love, and chase after the correct things, and live in the highest frequency possible.

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[2:30] My Near-Death Experience- And How It Changed Me
[3:50] Reflecting On Mortality
[7:50] Society Has Erased, And Unacceptabed Death
[11:15] How to Intimately Know Death

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