Things That FELT WRONG After My Spiritual Awakening

Things That FELT WRONG After My Spiritual Awakening

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Let’s talk about the process of spiritual awakening… when we expand from darkness into light. In this video, we’ll discuss some of the things that started to feel wrong for me after I started my spiritual journey, and why they felt that way.

When I gave into my intuitive thoughts and ended these bad habits, my spiritual journey became smoother and easier. Plus, I share the most common things that you guys said felt wrong during YOUR spiritual awakening.

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You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

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[1:45] Process of spiritual awakening
[5:25] Things That Felt Wrong After MY Spiritual Awakening
[11:25] The Sacredness of Life
[13:30] Common Things That Feel Wrong After Others’ Spiritual Awakening

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This video and all videos on this channel are a means of social support. I have no professional training in life coaching. I simply talk about the things I’ve learned that have personally made my life better.

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