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-[ Vic] Hey, how is it croaking chaps? Time wanna cease a very quick video to share with you guys a very exciting, and potentially gonna be an extremely profitableinvestment opportunity, and most importantly, this opportunity is still very early that not many parties actually talk about it. And this opportunity is the Uranium market. I’ve been watching the Uranium market and some of the Uranium miner assets since October 2020. As you can see, Uranium miner capitals have dramatically outperformed the S& P 500. And this major Uranium bull lope actually just got started. There will be a lot of money to be made in this market over the next couple of years, or potentially the whole decade of 2020 s. That’s why in this video, I will share with you guys some of the main factors that are going to drive Uranium prices a lot higher in the near future, and most importantly, how can we invest in this space, what are the stocks we can buy right now as the retail investors.All right, let’s get started. Before we start, this video is introduce into you by our today’s patron, Interactive Brokers. Personally, I’ve beenusing Interactive Brokers for more than eight years, and it’s definitely a game changer for my entire tradingand investing journey. If you are looking for a broker that has the lowest trading costs, lowest financing proportions, and most importantly, if you wish to earn some nice passive added income from the stocks you invest in, then Interactive Brokers is definitely very good one I would most recommend. If my videos on this channel have helped you before, or if you got any importances from this direct so far, satisfy do me a favor and assist this direct by just simply clicking the link in the description below. There is no sign up requirement, you don’t need to register any accounting. All you need to do is just simply click the link below. Your help and support means everything to this channel. Thanks so much, guys and let’s come back to the video. First of all, let’s have a very quick overview on the important fundamentals of the Uranium market.Just like any other stocks, the price of Uranium is mainly driven by supply and ask. But there are three key things that you need to know that impel Uranium a very unique commodity to suppose and profit from. First, the total Uranium market cap is extremely tiny, we will be discussing merely $0.7 Billion. Just employed this into perspective, in the same Energy sector, the total market cap of Oil& Gas is $ 2.1 Trillion. That is 3, 000 times larger than the entire Uranium market cap. “Its important”, because with such a insignificant marketplace ceiling, it won’t take a lot of uppercase to move the Uranium pricesignificantly higher, even with retail investor’s money.And the part Uranium market is extremely illiquid. And that fixes the Uranium miner broths the excellent candidates for the retail crowds like WallStreetBets to create another potential Gamma Squeeze. I will elaborate more on this in the later part of this video. All liberty, the second thing that offsets the Uranium market unique, is that the cost of Uranium is extremely low compared to building a nuclear reactor facility, which expenditures billions of dollars.Ironically, that is actually a much bigger cost than the entire Uranium market cap itself, which is less than a billion dollars. So what it means, is that, even if there is aUranium supply shortage, those nuclear utility business are forced to becomethe Inflexible Buyers, mostly buying at whatever the price the market is asking for, precisely to keep their multi-billion-dollar nuclear reactor equipment active. For these considerations, Uranium buyers often do the multi-year contracts with those mining companies to secure their Uranium supply, at whatever the expenditure those mining corporations ask for, which establishes those miners a very comfortable and a predictable direction to profit as much as possible. The third, and pretty much the most important thing to understand about the Uranium market, is that, the part Global Uranium supply has two different layers.The cornerstone blanket of afford comes from Uranium mining firms, which is easy to understand. But there is a second layer of equip that becomes Uranium truly, very unique, which comes from disassembling those age-old nuclear bombs that were created many years ago. And here is the important part. Mining Uranium is quite expensive. In order to cover the cost, those quarrying companionships have to sell their physical Uranium at least at $60 perunit just to breakeven. Right now, because theUranium price is so low, currently simply transactions around $30 to $40 per unit due to the secondary layer supply. In order to fulfill themulti-year contracts, those mining companionships actually buy these secondary Uranium directly at the market price and re-sell them to their nuclear utility clients. That’s right, we are atthis very weird moment where it is actually much cheaper for those miners to immediately buy and resell Uranium from the secondary market than to quarry it at their own penalties. So the key question now becomes, how much this secondarysupply is there left? How long can this uniquesituation persist? Here is the good news for us as investors.The secondary give for Uranium is running out, and on the other hand, the demand for Uranium is increasing. This is the chart ofUranium Supply and Demand estimation over the next 15 years. As we can see, the Uranium supply will peak by 2028, and start going down from 2029. This is because the secondary supply will officially run out by 2028 based on the current demand pace. On the demand side, because of the GlobalCarbon Neutral Initiative, Uranium is going to play an extremely important and priceless role in achieving net-zero carbon emissions, particularly in the emerging markets like China and India. Likewise, we are approaching the moment where most of the major nuclear practicality fellowships in the US and Europe are running to the end of their long-term supply contracts, and looking at replacing them with the new ones.That is why we are seeing this significant estimated involve increase commencing from 2028. So, with the lessening quantity, plus the increasing demand, we look back at a excellent whirlwind that can create a big Uranium bull market, which is already starting to price in from now. Apart from this extreme imbalance between supplying and ask as the long-term bullish driver, the Uranium market also has one major short-term driver that could potentially push the expenditure a great deal higher over the next few months. And this short-term bullish driver is the Sprott Net AssetValue Premium Catalyst. Here is the easiest way to understand this. The full reputation of Sprott is called Sprott Physical Uranium Trust, or SPUT. It is the largest Closed-End Fund that buys and possess physical Uranium on behalf of investors. There is one extremely important thing about Closed-End Fund is that, theoretically, SPUT’s toll should perfectly indicate the total current significance of the underlying physical Uranium that they own on behalfof their investors. We likewise call it the Net Asset Value. However, because Closed-End Store are not sold on Commodities exchange, instead, they are tradedon the Stock Exchanges.Which makes, their shareprice can fluctuate much higher or much lower relative to its underlyingNet Asset Value. When the price of the fund is transactions less than the Net Asset Value, we call it the Discount. It lure more buyers when the Fund is transactions on discount, because investors can have the same underlying resource showing, like Uranium in our case, with a cheaper toll compared to buyingphysical Uranium directly. On the other hand, when the price of the fund is sold greater than the Net Asset Value, we call it the Premium. It entices much fewer purchasers and increases the selling adversity, because no one wants to pay $ 35 for a $30 Uranium unit. Nonetheless, what is reallyinteresting here is that, SPUT, the largest Uranium Closed-End Fund, doesn’t want to be transactions at a premium, because that would make it less attractive for brand-new investors. So, whenever SPUT is sold at a premium, which is right now, Sprott will issue new shares to buy more Uranium.For precedent, most recently, on August 17 th this year in 2021, Sprott announced theywill issue $ 300 million in new shares to buy physical Uranium at the market price for the remaining of 2021. Remember, the entire Uranium market cap is only $700 million, a $300 million buying power pumping into this extremely small-minded and illiquid marketplace, will definitely push the Uranium price significantly higher. That is why we are seeing that, although Sprott only worked less than 30% of those $300 million still further, Uranium price once mounted from $30 to approximately $40 in just two weeks. As we can see in this chart, Uranium has actually already been in a bull market since early 2017. And this SPUT large purchase has just intensified it, made a strong breakout out of this four year uptrending channel. When a bull market is accelerating, it will captivate more investor’s courtesy with their assets. Most of the investors do not directly own physical Uranium, what they do is to buy the Closed-End Fund like Sprott to have the Uranium exposure. With this increasing buying pressure from more and more investors, SPUT will soon be transactions at Premium again. With the additional Premium, SPUT will issue even more shares to purchase even more physical Uranium. This will inevitably drive the Uranium price even higher. And higher Uranium price will entice even more brand-new investors with their new assets. Because the Uraniummarket is very illiquid, over the short-term, we could possibly see this perfect uptrending flywheel that is driven by SPUT’s Premium purchase, which can drive the expenditure significantly higher.And on top of this extremely bullish uptrending flywheel setup, the Uranium market is also recently being supported by the retail mobs like WallStreetBets on Reddit. We all know what happened to GameStop and AMC when retail gathers loaded up on Call Option and composed some epic Gamma Squeeze drying up the liquidities. With the market cap less than a million dollars, a strong interest from the retail horde can also push up the toll a lot higher and accelerate this flywheel even further. So overall , no matter if we are looking at short-term or long-term, the Uranium market isdefinitely setting up for a major officer ranged, and demonstrating us some of the greatest investment opportunities in our lifetime. Alright, before “theres going”, I simply wanna speedily share with you guys how to play the Uranium market as a retail investor. The best path to get Uranium exposure is actually purchasing the Uranium Miner firms. These are two of my favourites, Cameco, stock ticker CCJ, and NexGen Energy, stock ticker NXE.Or if you don’t want to invest into any individual fellowships, you can also buy the Uranium Miners ETF like URNM, which is also pretty good exposure. Of direction, you can indirectly own the physical Uranium by buying the closed-end funds like SPUT, but it’s only available in the Canadian stock exchange. In the US, SPUT istraded on the OTC market, with a different ticker as SRUUF. For me personally, if you own CCJ, NXE and the miner ETF like URNM, it will definitely be enough to gain a nice Uranium exposure and maximize the potential returns from this potential big Uranium super cycle.All right, that would bethe end of this video. Let me know in the comment section below if you are also looking at this pretty exciting Uranium market. If you get any value out of this video, delight do me a spare and turn on that Notification bell, so that you won’t miss out any of my future videos like this to help you. Again, if you are new to this channel, my call is Vic. Thanks so much for watching people. I will talk to you guys soon. Bye for now.( upbeat music ).

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