TikTok Viral Feta Pasta (Veganized) & Consumerism Rant lol

TikTok Viral Feta Pasta (Veganized) & Consumerism Rant lol

*BIG NOTE*: A week after originally recording this, I had a strong, PHYSICAL intuition to stay far, far away from IMPOSSIBLE MEAT/BEYOND MEAT.

Suddenly my body screamed at me that something about it is really not right, and I have not had it since.

This was while I was still eating it once in a while.

Just wanted to let y’all know. Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming – veganizing the viral tiktok pasta like months after it was popular lolol

In today’s video, we are cooking up some Bourekas, vegan-izing the viral “Feta Pasta” and chatting about what’s been on my mind lately.


Veganizing Recipes
Miyazaki Films
Consumerism and Capitalism
How Work Can Be Toxic
How To Feel Like You Have Enough
Prioritizing “Playing”- Like A Kid!
Microdosing and Being Out In Nature

Timestamp Menu:
[7:50] Consumerism and Chasing Riches
[13:00] How To Feel Like You Have Enough
[17:50] “Play” Again, Like A Kid!
[19:00] Microdosing and Being Out In Nature

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