Transform Your Anger to Manifest Your Bright Future!! Part 2

Mr. Kenny, let’s strengthen yourself! Do you have power to improve the company by your wars right now? If it will change for better, you should do it. But, the fact is that the company has remained abusive. The laborers have suffered and are still suffering. If you know you can spawn gap for better, I urge you do that. But, if you consider that you may not be able to bring positive outcomes in the company and to save people left behind, I want you to empower yourself in the new company you’ll be working for.If they detest the company so much, like you did, they can also choose to resign the company. But, they still choose to be there. Mr. Kenny, in fact, you were there because the peak of your rage didn’t pass the limit yet. Fortunately, you got a new job. It is because this new company wants your skill and/ or capacity. That’s why you got this new job. Isn’t it? As a member of society, I want you to be empowered. When we want to bring changes in an established plan, we face much annoyance because there are much nonsense and difficulties in this world, including in politics, and even in Buddhist society.We could get angry and be resentful about it. But, as long as you don’t have the capacity, capability, or tactical programmes, etc. for your fight, you may try, but you won’t get the positive results you are hoping to accomplish. I know this because I went through my debates including working suits. I don’t want others to complain about or govern what I do. I want to keep my sovereignty to share what I think is needed for the betterment of this world. I’ve entitled myself that I can answer people’s questions and problems by using these Youtube videos. For speciman, make this one Youtube video – it expenses over $100. It know it sounds insignificant, but I am free to do so because I’ve acquired concentration and ability. I can deliver senses like this for free even though so much is involved, such as editing, publishing, technology, etc. By empowering ourselves, it opens up a entrance for us to deliver the enormous power to change the world. Mr. Kenny, you may have appropriate timing for your battle. You may have what it takes to acquire the fight. But, you need to strengthen your capacity and braveness if you absolutely want to make a positive change in this world.I cannot tell you when or how. There are so many ways to fight. You must considern if you can win your battle from your current situation even though you may suffer from it. I strongly show you think it through very difficult. First, start your new enterprise and become a valuable asset there. If I were the boss of your “companies “, I has not been able to miss a new worker looks just like you who is still hampering onto rampage against the previous company. For lesson, do you be understood that your new company wants you to put forth your best effort. The truth is that this new company would be inconvenienced by you still investing your vigor into your past because your work performance won’t be what it can or should be.For sample, as you leave your previous corporation, you should let your boss know your appreciation because you were receiving a salary. In addition to your gratitude towards the company you could politely let your boss know what you were not happy about, where you questioned about the company, and how the company can manufacture better because of that as you are leaving. And, if you are still not satisfied, you could write a particularly polite letter to the head of the company. Leave the company with your personal integrity and evolve attitude. This is how I would deal with it. In addition to providing that, if you can transform your indignation; if you are able to devote your fury, the powerful energy, the enormous energy, into your strength to work in your “companies “, you will accomplish something great! I want to share two examples here.The first story comes from Dogen. I often mention his reputation in these videos. He was a Japanese Soto-Zen monk from the past. He was one good example – how he converted his anger to make a positive change. He exploited the power of his anger to create a victorious outcome. He could not find any Buddhist lords whom he wanted to learn from in Japan. So, he went to China – Buddhism Mecca – in his 20 s, in the year of 1217. He went all over China to find a lord draw lessons from. At first, he found a large monastery where more than thousands of monks were civilizing. He led in there for his training. Then, he was bullied by the monks uncommonly. In those days, China was the territory of the world countries while Japan was nothing – like a worthless worm. Because of that, any friars from Japan, such an inferior country, were mistreated and mauled gravely in the monasteries in China. Do you know what Dogen did? He wrote a letter to the emperor of China.In the letter, he said I risked my life coming to China from Japan and entered in this monastery so that I’d learn teachings of Buddha. But, I was very disappointed by the mistreatment I received as a Japanese because it is supposedly one of the most excellent convents in China. After he moved the present letter, the monarch answered What a dishonor !’ and told the convent to make improvements. And, the convent started to change for better. Dogen was the reason for this positive reform. And, he was still in his 20 s. It’s remarkable! Why could Dogen do that? It’s because he was equipped with the ability that moved the ruler – the leader of the exceedingly superior country by only writing a letter.He was a Japanese, but he wrote this letter to the emperor in Chinese. He had enough power to influence the emperor through his word. He was that mighty! So, Mr. Kenny, do you have the same kind of power like Dogen – to impact parties through your writing and/ or pronunciation? Well . . . the other example is from a Japanese scientist, Mr. Shuji Nakamura. He was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics for fabricating blue light-emitting bulbs( Leaves ). He is a professor at the University of California. You may know him because of so much media attention.He was asked by them how could he perform a research that reached Nobel Prize? He rebutted My motive power has been my ANGER! Well . . . He was raised and went through the Japanese school system until he graduated from the university in Japan. He had done investigate in various areas. When he was working for a company, he was receiving his investigate expenditures from the company. His boss reviled him by saying how could you consume the company money in your search? He was very upset as he was working hard as a researcher. No one, including Mr. Shuji, is under the control over his research outcomes, whether it’s successful, futile, productive and/ or unprofitable. This Boss’s observation was the most offensive that could be made to any researcher. So, he knowledge massive feeling within. This powerful feeling propagandized him to go to the United States, and to continue his research to make this LED development possible.Where did his superpower come from? His energy didn’t come from his lust for the joy of the world countries but solely his anger and dishonour. These have been his motivatings. He territory I will continue to work on my research progress by using the anger. And, it is true. When the intensity of your temper rises; when you experience intense rage such powerful, life-changing energy – don’t waste it nor misdirect it by time swiping some physical objects or saying Damn! For an example, even an nuclear bomb.If we use it for our spiteful antagonists, to destroy them, we’ll lose a lot and will suffer from much regret. But, if we can use the nuclear power to save humanity, and to make betterment of humanity, we will flourish. So, Mr. Kenny, I’ve gone through lifetime with indignation, injustice, etc, towards numerous arrangements. As a develop, I am doing these One Question& One Answer Youtube videos. But, I know where I am at because of the feeling I suffered. The bigger your rage is the more you’ll recognize what rage be done in order to establish the positive developments. I want you to re-examine how you use the energy of your rage how you manifest it in their own lives, and how you can use it for your future. As a member of society, when you have the power of your temper, you have the potential to advance three times more than regular situations. I just wanted to take the best advantage of this wonderful chance. Don’t debris your vigor on the fight if you don’t know if you may win.There are three Buddhism lethals: gluttony, hatred and innocence. The hatred will destroy you from within. You possess this potent exertion temper within you now which can tear you down physically and mentally. How would you use this energy? Would you alter this intensity for your advancement in your “companies “? Or, would you squander this energy on your past foe, your former corporation? As a prudent, grow, adult, I want you to direct this immense energy of anger for the betterment of future developments. As you do so, you will know what to do. Whatever the outcome may be, I wish you all the best. I, as giving you this answer, would be beyond joy, if you can control your indignation to show your luminou future !.

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