TWIN FLAME CONNECTION ? | 528Hz + Subliminal Affirmations To Manifest Love ? (Sleep Meditation)

TWIN FLAME CONNECTION ? | 528Hz + Subliminal Affirmations To Manifest Love ? (Sleep Meditation)

This is your special time to relax and deepen the connection you have with your Twin Flame. Designed with 528Hz ‘love’ frequency and subliminal affirmations (list below), this session primes your mind to find and make a connection with your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Connection is about getting in tune with inner intuition and energy, but stress and negativity can block this connection. That’s why this session was also designed to instill a deep sense of inner tranquility and stability. This will ensure you’re less likely to miss important signs in your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame relationships, while much deeper, can be more unstable than other relationships. This is because the negativity in you triggers negativity in them much more deeply in them and can create conflict. To aid in healing, this session uses subliminal affirmations to encourage self-growth and positivity for yourself and Twin Flame.

We hope you enjoy this law of attraction sleep meditation for a Twin Flame Connection. Feel free to share your Twin Flame experiences in the comments below, you’ll inspire many!

? For best results, play the audio throughout the night as you sleep – with or without headphones.?

? NOTE: Volume shouldn’t be loud. Audio should be played at a low volume that allows you to fall asleep. ?
?? Sleep Meditation Playlists Below ??

? Lucid Dreaming:

? Wealth:

?? Love:

? Health:
?? Timestamps:
0:00 Important Info
0:20 Intro
0:25 Meditation Visuals
20:30 Sleep Meditation (Dark Mode)

? Subliminal Affirmations:
1.) I feel the connection to my Twin Flame growing.
2.) I am in tune with my intuition and can sense my Twin Flame.
3.) I know my Twin Flame will show themselves to me.
4.) I am positive and happy.
5.) I claim positivity and happiness for my Twin Flame.
6.) I claim my Twin Flame will sense our connection.
7.) I claim my Twin Flame relationship will be stable and enduring.
8.) I feel our connection growing everyday.
9.) I am ready to find my Twin Flame.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I and many others will gladly help you in your journey!
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