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Maybe we’re in a pretending right now – Elon Musk “There are many, many simulations, you might as well call them reality, – Elon Musk or you could call them multiverse.” – Elon Musk Mi-Ro-Ku 369 Most Mystical Miracle MusicManifest My Multiverse Messages For perfect penetration consequence, simply sit back, loosen, close your eyes, listen, and cause the music play on till 33:33 To enlarge resonance and tremors, and speed up your manifesting process, share this video with at least 3 parties, input 9 dreams that you want to realize the most soon in 60 hours, Maybe you are wonderingWhy are these numerals 3, 6, and 9? Ill show you some stunning discoveriesbefore the end of this video. Before the whole picture, take a glance at this … If you to know the splendor of the 3, 6 and 9, Nikola Tesla then you would have a key to the universe. Nikola Tesla Furthermore, If you want to know…How I make a nightmare is true and 6 things you can avoid And how these secret quantities, 369 dominate your life Stay tuned.You will detect the secret in this video. WARNINGDue to strong tremors, please watch according to your physical circumstance. Like and subscribe Turn on the notification bell Thank you for your reinforcement Welcome! Hows your epoch? If this is your first time now, Hi, Im Eric! Inspired by Nikola Tesla, I work on using my knowledge and skills ofmedicine and music Combining the esthetics of modern music andthe ancient sacred Solfeggio frequencies Bringing you the miracle of 3, 6, 9and the angel digits sends So glad to have you here on our passage. First of all, Im not a leader or mentorIm precisely a friend.While youre listening to my brand-new move, I have some storeys and discoveriesto share with you. It is said that the human breathing rate it is the same as the frequency of the oceans and seas billows both 18 times a minute, so thats why people are particularly comfortable on the coast I like the oceans and seas, how about you? Im not from a rich home, and everything was a struggle. One adult said. And I feel the same. By the time I finished be paid for medical institution, my ex-wife had emptied me out of the residence. OMG…I feel the same … My last-place few projects miscarried miserably..OMG and I just sold my downtown house to afford my cost of livingOMG Why these happened to meThis is not what I want and expect. Then he started to choke … I didn’t know how to comfort him at that moment. He is just like another me. And maybe, he is also just like another you. You get what you think about, whether you demand it or not. Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe Everything in Life is Vibration Albert Einstein Ive learn these but it made me most of my life to figure this out.Not somebody else. I’m the one who concluded my ordeal come true Im doing a lot of thinking aboutwhat I dont have, When I places great importance on what I shortage, I exclusively generate more deficiency. Its the law of attraction: What you places great importance on expands. So, if you dont want something in your life, dont open it any tending. How do I reject my financial status? I wish I could answer him back then. You dont, and you cant! Because its the most prominent thought you have. Dont try to ignore it. Instead, replace it. If a thinking fixes you feel bad, supersede it with a thought that feels better.You want me to pretend? Seriously? Yes! This is about the extent. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla You simply need to understand the rules of the game. And Im going to tell you how I stop these reproduced nightmares time in seconds. What are the rules of the game? If you to know the richnes of the 3, 6 and 9, Nikola Tesla then you would have a key to the universe. Nikola Tesla What Was Nikola Tesla Trying to Say? It is said that 3, 6, and 9 represents the pathways connecting higher-dimensional openings that restrain and manifest vitality into physical structure Tesla was obsessed with counts 3, 6 and 9. While countless thought it to be OCD, others have claimed it to be superstition. Either way, Tesla would sometimes walk around the block three times before entering a build. After finishing a meal, he would cleanse his plates with 18 nappies, and would only live in a inn roomlabeled with a number divisible by 3. Tesla believed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 had extreme importance. He understood a fundamental actuality, unknown to many, which is the universal language of maths. Tesla said that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 secrete the truth of the universe and are the key to the truth. Coincidentally, in modern Japanese, the pronunciation of 369 Mi-Ro-Ku, merely represents the Maitreya in Buddhism.And this Japanese pronunciation of Maitreya, likewise happens to be the same as the”miracle” in English today. The English word “miracle” is derived from Latin, Miraculum means “the power of God” In Buddhism, there are the so-called”three contemporaries of Buddhas, ” who the hell is “Dpakara, Shakyamuni, and Maitreya.” They are also “past, present, and future.” The Maitreya( Mi-Ro-Ku) is the “future Buddha” represented in Buddhism. Maitreya is the heir of Sakyamuni Buddha after Nirvana, having a lofty position in Buddhism. At the same time, the committee is also symbolizes compassion, patience, accept and confidence. And this road is recorded on the basis of 369, the fiction and exertion of Maitreya. wreaking the healing miraculous chime to everyone in this world who needs the supreme approbation and ease. While youre listening to this song Now Im going to tell you how I stop these echoed nightmares 6 things I learned about how to play the game of live. #1Effort performances a big part, but its not all of it. How many of us disbelieved ourselves and our abilities to prosperity? Believe in yourself, you can create the life of your dreams.# 2 The universe is a big Xerox machine. The world photocopies your words, concludes, and actions and sends them back to you as your next know. #3Putting your force into something unwanted gives you that which is unwanted. So, if you focus on something that isnt working in your life, you are increasing the likelihood of its progression. #4If you require something, feel like you already have it. why not concentrates your thoughts on your desires instead of your anxieties? If you focus on what you want to create, you build momentum behind those reflects.# 5: We live in a world in which like attracts like. Everything that exists attracts a similar pulse# 6 Its about the law of attraction , not act. I dont get what I want in soul because I envision I “ve earned it”. I get it because I am a vibrational pair to it. My nervousness of not concluding enough coin are very strong, and I remember that feeling.The feeling is so strong that I have just adopted a poverty consciousness, a solid belief in my inability to create material wealth. My experience has prepared me up for this mentality, and it runs like a cracked record in my honcho recurring the same situation over and over again. This is all the universe hears from me, it is therefore pressures. Are you ready to stop the tape and write a brand-new legend? Gravely? You cant troop the flow of fund, but you can feel worthy of it. Whenever youre ready to end the struggle, the rest of your life will begin. Everything in life is vibrationincluding our emotions and remembers This is something that quantum physics shows us, this is something that occultists from ancient Egypt already knew, and this is what were re-learning as a society.We are realizing that there are different frequencies of frequency. When we start to actually resonate with more of what we want, were able to create more of that in “peoples lives”. What you want including fund, only has the capability that we apply it through the meaning And you can give meaning and vigor to anything you want You are the one who can give money guilt and admirable You are also the one who can give anything power and significance. Now you can listen to this Mi-Ro-KuMost Mystical Miracle MusicManifest My Multiverse Messages to resonate with the eventual reverberations of the universe to Manifest Your Multiverse Messages to attest anything you wantwith the infinite free energy of the universe This road compounds 17 different Solfeggio frequency and angel figure frequency to raise and enhance the vibration which are the frequencies of regenerating, love, and good fortune. These are frequencies forgood luck, wealth, and prosperity. Since the announce has a high frequency, the vibration will rise if you “flow”, and their own bodies, brain, mind, chamber, things, room, people, all will be powerfully full of adoration realization vitality and your blessing will rise You can be utilized earphones or talkers, listen every day, or at any time you like. Recommended for meditation, study, and background music at work Arranged with loosening gentle tunes and beautiful personas, this video can be used as background music for bedtime music, reflection, piece or study, sleep induction music, sleep induction BGM, sleep induction meditation, or merely to relax. It is set to 33 mins and 33 secs( Angel Numbers 3333) so that you can listen to it before you are going to sleep or going out, but you can listen to it for any time you like It is effective even for a short time, but the more you listen, the more the reverberation imbues into the cells and the more effective you will see.Dedicated to people who have seen the angel amount 3333 When the quantity 3333 often appearsin front of your eyes, “Youre with” the Ascended Masters. They likewise appear with you in numerous vistums. They love you, steer you, and guard you. They respond to your needs and want to help you. They help you find your goal in being and help you achieve it. Ascended surmounts can be attributed to saints who transcend culture and doctrine and have left their words since ancient times. They were born as human beings, reached the highest realm, and always exist in you. The representative Ascended Masters are Jesus, Virgin mary, Sakyamuni, Moses, Guanyin, Mother Teresa, and so on. You can feel the guidance of great grandeur. There are so many likelihoods progressing before your eyes. You have the power to open the nature. Pay attention to the glorious guidance. If you require something better, you will be assisted. If you require more elation, you will be assisted. If you want a richer liaison, you will be assisted. Ascended masters will always be by your back to accompany and help you. They love you, navigate you, and protect you. These roads feature a mix of 17 astounding supernatural flavors and special audio roots, These frequencies will positively improve their own lives. 8Hz( 7.83 Hz) Angel Numbers 8Mother Earths natural center lilt, the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication 88 HzAngel Numbers 88 the pulse of your original divine spark from God 888 HzAngel Numbers 888 compensations your hard work, restrains is progressing, and is so rich and provoking with all aspects 111 HzAngel Numbers 111 The Universe is ready to support you in shaping the life you miss 222 HzAngel Numbers 222 Be positive. It confirms that you are on the right path 444 HzAngel Numbers 444 Your guardian angels are near and ready to help you.Listen to your inner voice, take inspired action 69.3 HzEnhance the healing aftermath related to each resonance depth and other frequencies. 174 HzRelieves Pain& Stress 285 HzHeals Tissues& Organs 396 Hz: Root chakra( gonads, ovaries) Eliminates panic 417 Hz: Sacral chakra( liver, kidney, spleen) Eliminate negativeness 528 Hz: Epigastrium chakra( kidney) sharing the adoration and peace of the universe, DNA repair frequency 639 Hz: Heart chakra( thymus) Bringing adoration and compassion to life 741 Hz: Throat chakra( thyroid gland) Detoxifies cells and organs 852 Hz: Third gaze chakra( pituitary gland) Awakens intuition and intensifies vigor at the cellular position 963 Hz: Crown chakra( pineal gland) Sacred frequency called the frequency of the gods 4096 Hz: Angel Gate Frequency to open the door of heaven These moves compound 17 astounding miraculous ambiances with special tone informants which are chanted to match the ultimate vibrational resonance.This song can be used as bedtime music, musing, background music for labour or study, or just for relaxation. For more detailed frequency benefits, refer to the description below If you experience our duty, subscribe to see when we upload brand-new ones. Like and subscribe Turn on the notification bell Thank you for your help Healing Music, Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress-Relief Music Work BGM, Study BGM, Meditation Music, Yoga MusicQuiet Music, Gentle Music, Peaceful Music, Miraculous SoundAutonomic Nervous System Music, Subliminal Music Nikola Tesla 3 6 9 Theory and Why he announced it Key To Universe Mysterious things Tesla used to do Walk around a block 3 times before entering a construct Chose only those Hotels rooms, which had its room number divisible by 3 He would rinse his recipes with 18 nappies merely What are the secrets behind figures 3, 6 and 9? TESLA 369 The Time Has Come To Reveal The Real Secret The Secret Behind Numbers 369 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED! And for humans, Science is discovery , not invention.As we have already detected … An atom consists of 3 subatomic particlesknown as protons neutrons and electrons A pedigree is created by the mother, the leader, and “their childrens” the list 3 too represents the holy trinity of the leader, the son, and the holy spirit 3 is the first list that assembles ageometrical representation the triangle 3 is considered the number of harmony, gumption, and understanding. 3 represents time in the form of past, present, and future. 3 likewise representing the 3 primary colors ofred, yellowish, and off-color that can be combined to make all other hues 3 indicates a start, middle, and intention. as well as the birth, live, and death round When we take a look at time as we know it There are 24 hours in a era( 2+ 4= 6) There are 60 hours in an hour( 6+ 0= 6) There was still 60 seconds in a minute( 6+ 0= 6) Additionally a ended circle or sphereis 360 degrees( 3+ 6+ 0= 9) Half of a circle is a 180 magnitudes( 1+ 8+ 0= 9) A fourth of a halo is 90 degrees( 9+ 0= 9) If you continue bisecting the curve down into equal fractions, they all equal 9 this creates a verydistinct motif, the resulting angle ever abbreviates to 9 Golden Ratio= 0.618( 6+ 1+ 8= 15 and 1+ 5= 6) There was still decorations that naturally occur in The Universe, patterns weve discovered in life, galaxies, idol shapings, growth, and almost every natural organizations, and The Golden Ratio is one of them.The Golden ratio was used to achieve balance and perfection in countless Renaissance paintings and carves. Da Vinci himself abused the Golden ratio to define all of the proportions in his Last Supper, including the dimensions of the table and the proportions of the walls and backgrounds. The Golden ratio likewise appears in da Vincis Vitruvian Man and the Mona Lisa. Even animals, seeds, and bugs have the Golden ratio, the geometrical motif, they use mathematics in their everyday life for life. We find lots of evidence that nature gives threefold and sixfold equality, including the hexagonal tile determine of the common honeycomb. Interestingly not just in nature but also the ancient organisations have this equality. One of the greatest of them all is the Giza Orion equivalence presumption. We also envision groupings of three smaller pyramids immediately away from the three larger pyramids, which represents the total number of pyramids to be 6. Three pyramids that correlate with constellation Orion. Is it a coincidence or there exists a implication of 3 and 6? Sun= 864,000 Miles( 8+ 6+ 4= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) Moon= 2,160 Miles( 2+ 1+ 6= 9) Earth= 7,920 Miles( 7+ 9+ 2= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) Ocean Surface Waves frequency= 18 BPM( 1+ 8= 9) Human Respiratory Rate= 18 BPM( 1+ 8= 9) Human Heart Rate= 72 BPM( 7+ 2= 9) Maybe you know phenomena such as Schumann resonance, the so-called “heart rate of the earth.” Schumann Resonances= 7.83 HzMother Earths natural mettle lilt, the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication( 7+ 8+ 3= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) The following are the Solfeggio Frequenciescontained in this song 174 Hz Solfeggio FrequencyNatural anaesthetic.It allays aching .( 1+ 7+ 4= 12 and 1+ 2= 3) 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Heals and Regenerates Tissues( 2+ 8+ 5= 15 and 1+ 5= 6) 396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Gives Power to Your Aim. Eradicates feeling of shame( 3+ 9+ 6= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) 417 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Removes Negative Energy from the Body, Home and Office( 4+ 1+ 7= 12 and 1+ 2= 3) 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Returns human DNA to its original, excellent mood. It introduces transformation and miracles into your life .( 5+ 2+ 8= 15 and 1+ 5= 6) 639 Hz Solfeggio Frequencyenables creation of symmetrical interpersonal relationships.( 6+ 3+ 9= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) 741 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Cleans the Cells and Detoxifies the cadres and parts( 7+ 4+ 1= 12 and 1+ 2= 3) 852 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Awakens Inner Strength and Raises Cell Energy( 8+ 5+ 2= 15 and 1+ 5= 6) 963 Hz Solfeggio FrequencyHelps in Pineal Gland Activation and awakens hunch .( 9+ 6+ 3= 18 and 1+ 8= 9) Oh! Awesome !! You are still here !!! Then you will be one of the few 3.69% who can learn the secret of your life Then let us continue to walkthroughyour life with 369… After birth, how does the 3-6-9 pattern feign your life? Your growth is the development of your responsibility. This can be confirmed by sociologist, psychologists, mystics, and religions.Responsibility builds you person or persons. The 3-6-9 patterncontrols our spiritual ingredients. A size larger than the physical width. Let’s take a look at our growth process. After the first 3 years of ones being, self-awareness began and had caches of what the hell happened. We got the initial skills of “self-conscious”. 6 years old, transition to school and begin to take responsibility for learning 9 years old, expand responsibility and independence, change from elementary school to middle school 12 years old, communicating with the opposite sex, show concern and care for the person we like 15 years, open high school and define one’s life place, interest area and future life path At least 18 years old, take 100% full responsibility for your activities 21 year olds, studying and being independent at university, and trying to establish interaction with others in the context of business relationships, and falling in love 24 years old, university graduationresponsibility of the work team and interpersonal relationships. In the elderly, the three-year cycle is ambiguous, so the most compelling step in the 12 -year cycle( 4 ages 3) 36 year olds, Responsibility to others( clas, piece unit, friends, etc .) 48 year olds, living has made determine and you can see the results. We share success and achievements with othersthis is already the stage of transferring experience 60 year olds, the beginning of a brand-new 60 -year cycle with a focus on the transition to regularity 9. In China, these sixty years have been called sexagenary cycle. What do you think these people are trying to say? Are you living in a computer simulation? – Nick Bostrom Maybe we’re in a pretending right now – Elon Musk “There are many, countless pretendings, you might as well call them reality, – Elon Musk or you could call them multiverse.” – Elon Musk The substrate on which these pretendings are running, – Elon Musk whatever it was possible to … is probably fairly standing, – Elon Musk at least compared to the simulations themselves.- Elon Musk “Why would you make a simulation that’s boring? – Elon Musk You’d make a simulation that’s mode most interesting than locate reality, “- Elon Musk Reality is wrong.Dreams are for real.- Tupac Shakur If you like my job, satisfy subscribe and turn on the notification bellDont miss any upcoming uploads! Like and agree Turn on the notification bell Thank you for your carry.

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