Weird Manifestation Technique I Used to Manifest My New Home (Only use for good)

– What if I “ve told you” that there’s this kind ofweird show technique “whos working”, but you’re gonna haveto think about things in a little bit different way. But if you merely did this, it would make it highway more probable that you would attract whatyou want into their own lives, and it would make it also much easier and much more enjoyable.Well, this weird manifestation technique is what I used to in apart evidence this house. And I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m not the most difficult fanof the word manifest because of a lot of times what it shows and what I see it does, Iknow for me, for a very long time, I was intending to manifest, you know, becoming full term on YouTube and manifest different things in my life. And I was also confusing the word manifest with just thinking, and rather than being, being in alignment, beingin the pulse of it. So manifest for me and even the word mani, I speculate mani actually makes sides, which I ponder, which meanstaking action, as well.( shrieks) But there is a part of non-doing where you can vibrationallyallow things into their own lives, and it’s what I was just about to get the members of this house, which is very synchronous. And I want to explain that story with you and pretty much how I havemoved into every home that I’ve had over the last five years, I have applied this exact skill, and you can use it forgetting in alignment.You can use it formanifesting such relationships for showing money, abundance, whatever. It’s a little bit quirky, but it truly succeeds. So in this video, we’regonna be talking about that right now meow.( uplifting music) Welcome back to another video. My name’s Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. And in this video, Iwant to explain to you the narrative behind how Imanifested this house right here. Can you see it? It’s this house right here. It’s a beautiful, I adore this house. Just moved in, like, four or five days ago, and what I wanted to dois just kind of share the process to this, becauseit’s kind of, you know, there’s a lot of transitioning happening in the world right now Ithink for a lot of people, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. I know coming out here, I’m in Austin, Texas now. Before I was in Sedona, Arizona , not that long ago. And Sedona felt right in the moment, but there was something that I suspect kind of felt like that was missing for me.And then there was this, like, aspect of myself where I try to control things and I’m trying to chassis it all out, and I’m feeling fighting andfeeling uncertain of, like, you are familiar with, like, being in the unknown sometimes feels frightening orit may seem like, you know, something I want to gain certainty. And there was a part of methat for a while was trying to figure out what isthe next move in a way. Like, here’s how invested I was, as well. But I want to share with you a bit of how this whole story went down with how I moved here, because it’ll likewise give you that creepy show procedure that I’ve applied many times before. So mostly what happenedis back in January, I bought a house in Sedona.I bought this housethat I must be given to rebuild, and I got it at a goodtime, I went the members of this house. I employed, like, literally $200,000 into it to rehabilitate it to make it look completely different, and there was a whole bunch of, like, also little hiccups that cameup with the members of this house, as well. Like, it needed pretty much, I had an inspection on it and everything, but for some reason theydidn’t catch a good deal of things in the inspection that they should have, and it was necessary, like, a whole new roof. It needed, like, there is indeed, like, rodents that went into the crawl space, and I must be given to, like, get that determined, which payment, like, six to $8,000. I had to get and wasted $8,200 on what’s something called a grinder pump. This thing that, like, grinds up the ocean to go down to the sewer, because that went out. And so there was, like, spate, you know, the sewage system wasn’t working properly. And then I had thewhole kitchen remodeled, granite, the ruler bathroom was redone.Just so much cool stuff. And I got the house lookingpretty much my ideology house. I had an interior designer that came in that interior designed the whole house, and anybody that came overwould have been, was like, this is, like, an amazingenergy and astounding gap. I imply, I situated my quartzs, Ihave a whole bunch of crystals I positioned and gridded aroundthe whole entire house, and it really had this perfect vibe. And I moved here prettymuch, like, February of 20, you know, this year, and it felt huge. And what I then foundis that after, you know, about a month or two, it kind of felt likesomething was missing. And then I’m wondering, like, is this, like, a personality thing? Like, is something missing because, like, I always need brand-new stimulant? And it attained me genuinely kind ofgo within to think about it. But basically what I recognized is that being in Sedonais a mystical place.I used to go to Sedonafrom Vegas every, like, three or four months, and every time I’d leave, I’d get activated, andthen I would go back and it would, like, helptake me to the next grade. And even Sedona, Arizona, that’s where they, back in the working day, they would go for plant medicine. The tribes would go for, like, embed remedy, to do inner work, and then they’d go back to wherever they only. But what I spotted is livingin Sedona is amazing, it’s beautiful.But this next phase of what I’m doing is I wanna be doing, you are familiar with, live incidents. I want to be traveling a lot. And being in Sedona, I had to travel two hours to the airport. There were a number of aspects of it that really weren’t vibingas much as I fantasized, but I was already soinvested because I’d set all this money into it, boughta live, all of these things, so it didn’t make sensefor me to, you are familiar with, kind of look somewhere else. But I had this strong feelingthat either Miami or Austin was gonna be a placethat I was gonna, like, find, you know, it wouldbe like a next chapter, or I was gonna do both. I was gonna go back andforth between Sedona and some other place, and then what happened is I had a lot of friends moving to Austin and Austin, Texas, andI used to think Austin was gonna be, like, this, like, deserty lieu. And I’m like, mortal, I wannaget out into the desert. And I lastly came here to Austin, and was gonna go to Austin, and then come back and feelit out and then go to Miami to come back and feel it out.And likewise, imposition is a partof it, as well.( screams) State income tax in Arizonais much more than that of, you are familiar with, where I’mfrom, which is Las Vegas, or, you know, Texas or Miami in Florida. So this is something I was thinking about, but mostly whathappened is I was going to, I went to Austin. Immediately from “re coming”, I felt like this is theplace I’m meant to be.There’s just something about it. Some initiating vitality now. There’s a good deal of, thegyms out here are amazing. There’s so much quality outhere, it’s unbelievable. The vibe out here of the houses was cool. Like, I exactly cherished everythingabout it, the meat, and I just knew immediately. And then what happened is I was out here for four or five days. I, the last day I was here, I was like, I know I’m supposed to be out here and I want to start looking at situates. And I once had some realestate beings moving me places, like, MLS rolls andstuff to lease , not to buy. And I various kinds of felt like I was gonna buy, but I felt like I wanted to rent because the market here is socrazy for buying right now. But what the hell happened is I terminated up going to, I resolved up having my aide glance really hardcore for, like, different places for me to see, so that the last two days Iwas here, I extend look at residences,’ movement I wanted to find something quickly.’Cause I exactly knew, andwhen you know, you are familiar with. So, I was looking at different rooms. I didn’t really see anythingI liked that was crazy. And then what happened is Iwas invited to a dinner party. So this is a dinner partywith all these friends there, it was probably 30 beings there, and at this dinner party Igo to with a friend of mine, and I encounter a good deal of cool parties. And one of the person or persons I congregated there, I was telling him how I affection Austin and I can’t wait to move here, and I’m gonna be moving here soon. And to find out that there’s a person there that has a house that he wants to rent out that’s a mile away from thishouse that I’m in right now, which is this house. And he’s like, I’m gonnabe leasing out my home, and I want to rent to a friend, and I’m gonna lease itfor cheaper to a friend, merely’ campaign I don’t want arandom party in my house.And he was gonna rent methis house for cheaper than, like, this house on the market would easily go forthousands of dollars more than when I’m paying per month, but he gave it to me for cheaper because he misses somebodythat he, you are familiar with, craves in the members of this house thathe kind of knows of or knows, you are familiar with? So I’m making this newfriend, it was kind of cool, and it just seemed so synchronous, right? Well, what resolves up happening is it really, and he testifies me photos of this house.I immediately knew. I then has now come determined it rightafter that dinner party. I was with a friend,’ cause there’s, like, a lockbox thing on it, you know, for, to go into. I come in, I immediately know. And what then happens isI, then, he then decides that he says that he has either a friend that’s gonna buy the housefrom him in, like, six months, but if his friend doesn’t buy it, then potentially I could buy it. And it then opened up this thing to where what the hell happened, it synchronistically, what I had to do is Ihad to let go of switch, because the day before see the members of this house at the dinner party, I wastrying to force things to happen. I was trying really hard to get, like, things to fall into place. And then I was like, you know what? I just gotta let go. And I was even talking to my friend, Anna. And she was like, “Aaron, you know that in three weeks, “when you come back, that’swhen you’re supposed to find “the house or representation it out.”Stop trying to force itright now, you know that.” And I was like, yeah, I do. I “lets get going”, and then go to a dinner party, and then I satisfy soul that not only wants torent me their home, but payment it to me during the process of while, where I’m going through, like, the paperwork right now to buy the house. And he’s giving me the house for, like, pretty much market value, and any house in Austin right now that’s getting to the market, there’s a dictate crusade andpeople are paying, like, currency, a hundred thousanddollars over asking price. It’s crazy. And I get to buy it off market.I get to buy it from a friend. I get to buy it pretty much atthe price of what it’s worth. It’s crazy. And I adoration the members of this house. It’s in the perfect orientation. Everything worked well. But one thing I did when I recognise I began to be like the house is I started to kind of leant it on a pedestal. I’ve done this, this is theweird manifestation technique that works like supernatural. What you do is you lighten the importance. I’ve talked about abridge importance. Anything you make really important, you appoint fight around. But what I do is I imagine that this house and Austin in generalwants me to live here.And it sounds like this egotistical thing, like, oh, wants you to live here. But what I think of is I think of all the people I’m able to help. You know, there’s this universal, call it the consciousnesswe’re all been incorporated into. So what we can do is we can know that the more we’re in purealignment with ourselves, the more significance we add to other people, the more the universe bringsyou more amazing things because you’re remaining inauthenticity and in alignment. So what I’ve done before, is’ induce back in Vegas, I recollect I was going for a house that got a lot of competition. There were, like, eight other beings that were trying to get, youknow, that wanted this house. And I got the house out of everyone else because I sounded into and I, one, saw the house as demanding me to live there. I thought of all thethings that I could do and how I could create amazing content. But likewise I sounded into something that’s called internal intention.Which means that Itapped into the intention of the person that wasrenting me the members of this house. What is their intention? Their intention was to have someone that takes care of thehouse, individual that’s clean, somebody that are respectful of the members of this house. So I cast them a symbol, and I wrote them a word that says, hey, I know there’s a lot of other beings that want to live in this house. I merely want you to knowthat I drive from residence, and it’s very importantthat I am in a house that I truly feel inspired by. And your home is so inspiring and such a neat open layout. And too I don’t have, you know, I’m not, like, person that has parties and all this substance all the time. I’m exceedingly focused on what I’m doing. And I languaged it withtheir internal purpose, which then allowed it to align even more.So I did the same thing with this house. I imagined that not onlyAustin wants me to live here, but in a way this houseis just so conducive to this next stage of my life, for me to add value, to makecontent, to draw videos. And because I tap into that, it then declines increasing importance. It weakens things being on a pedestal and it allows for more alignment. And that’s why I’m gonna talkabout show, as well. Manifestation to me also, like, shows handwritings.’ Cause mani, mani needshands, like root causes of it. So sides, see, think of control. Well, think of when you’re in alignment, you don’t have to control. When you’re in alignment andyou’re following your indignation and you let go of sequel, that’s where the occult is. I let go of outcome becauseeven the other person that wanted to buy thishouse, which is, like, his best friend, his businesspartner or something, I was like, you know what? I let go of outcome.I don’t need to try to control this. Whatever’s meant to happen will happen if I’m meant to have this house. But at the same time, therewas an intention there of wish it. So it’s giving go ofcontrol, is an aspect of this, but something that starts iteasy to let go of restrict is realizing that thisthing likewise wants to see you. It’s almost yield it, like, realizing that everything is energy.If you’re trying tomanifest a relationship, as much as you miss therelationship for yourself, imagine there’s somebody elsethat you would add value to, somebody else that would lovefor you to be around them. You encounter, then you’re tappinginto their inner intention. So this is kind of a weirdmanifestation skill, but I found that it worksmagical because it helps us to decrease importance, to also get in alignment. So now I am in Austin now. I’ve been in this house for, like, four or five days, and it’s all a part of thisalignment and following it, even when it doesn’t make sense.It didn’t prepare much feel on paper. I’m so invested there. But then I found out, as well, that the members of this house that I bought in Sedona, I bought for a certain price. It’s worth, like, waymore than what I paid with the renovations that I put into it. So even if they are I set 200 into it, and it’s worth, like, waymore, so I’m making money and then putting that into this house. And then it merely made beautifully,’ reason I was gonna go back and forth, but I recognise I wantsimplicity in “peoples lives” now. But the key to this processis letting go of aftermath, but also knowing thatwhat you demand wants you. And it’s about also seeingwhat are you willing to, like, give in a way that addsvalue to the collective? Are you in alignment with yourpurpose, with your imagination? If your desire is somethingthat’s just egoic, sometimes it can be resistance, but if your desire issomething that also adds value.Like, I like my has an interest in, like, “ve lived” happenings and be in alignment with what I meant to helpgive out into the world, but also doing what I love to do, so it’s this mix of both things. That’s a greater vision than only, I miss coin in my bank account. Money in a bank account is a side effect of you doing your resentment, of the ethic you bring out into the world. So when you started seeingthings from this perspective, it modifies everything, and it offsets it way easier, as well, for us to understandthese different concepts. So there is also a meditationthat can be help you to raise your prevailing pulse, which can be used to get more alignment.It’s a reflection we didoriginally on January 1st, and there is just somany comments from it. Look below. Click the link to read the comments and see what’s possiblethat’ll increase the creed that you can also raiseyour prevailing hum so that manifestation is easier than ever. And, it’s attached below. If you liked this video, like this video. If you’re gonna try out thismanifestation technique, let me know. Is there any weirdmanifestation skills that you’ve exercised before thatyou’ve catch has worked? Comment below, and we are able to, we’ll like the ones that we like and see if we can all apply them, as well.Other than that, I hope youguys experienced this video, and as always, agreement, much enjoy, and namaste ..

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