what happens when you choose love

what happens when you choose love

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The Love Mastery Program is a self-love journey that takes place over 5 weeks to call in a refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired, attractive version of you – your Super Higher Self.

Heartbreaks can cause us to completely shut ourselves off from any kind of love and from any type of relationship.

In this video, I share a few techniques I used to open my heart to love again, move past the heartbreaks, and accept every relationship in my life as a lesson. Learn how to be brave enough to lean into the pain, rather than running away from it, and open your heart.

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[4:25] Opening Your Heart Again
[5:20] Being Fearless In Love
[6:15] Everything Is A Lesson
[9:30] You Got You!
[12:00] Inner Child Work And Self Love
[13:00] Stop Running Away

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