What the Rest of 2020 Holds for You (Pick-a-Crystal): Channeled Message for the Rest of the Year

What the Rest of 2020 Holds for You (Pick-a-Crystal): Channeled Message for the Rest of the Year

What does the end of 2020 hold for you?
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What does the end of 2020 hold for you? What divine message do you need to receive right now? Your message awaits, it’s what you need to hear for the rest of the year!

Since the last one went so well, today I want to offer you a message from the Book of Light through a pick a crystal reading!

Choose whichever crystal resonates the most, and you?ll receive a message about the rest of 2020 holds for you.

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[5:20] Energy Syncing Meditation
[9:04] Selenite Heart
[13:23] Citrine
[18:13] Lapis Lazuli
[24:39] Tiger?s Eye Angel
[28:16] Amethyst

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