Whitney – Trailer (deutsch/german; FSK 0)

When the family got together, we didn’t talk, we sang. My mother was strict with Whitney. Because she had talent. She was daddy’s favorite. It was all about the money. Suddenly, Daddy was litigating her for $ 100 million. It violates everyone’s stomach. They toy the perfect clas. We friends took care of them. Both of them were on drugs. Whitney believed that by marrying her, she would be happy for the end of her dates. It’s hard to imagine what Krissy went through. Everything is getting out of hand. She was a kid looking for herway home. The enormous approbation, all the money ….. it wasn’t enough. I was having fun and that’s all that matters. There were always mysteries. If you don’t speak to them ….. they’ll never be done away with. You either have it or you don’t. She has it ..

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